Aerial ropes course


The aerial ropes course is now closed for the winter.

aerial ropes course

Introducing 'Closer to the Edge' aerial ropes adventure course at Telford Town Park...

'Closer to the Edge' delivers active outdoor learning which is accessible to all, providing people with a blend of health and fitness education, personal and team development, challenge and fun in a secure but engaging outdoor environment.

An innovative safety rail system means that participants are always clipped on under supervision, as they climb, leap, jump and traverse - up to 40ft off the forest floor. There is something here for everyone; the course combines team activities with individual 'adrenalin-surge' adventure. There is enough to do with your group to keep you actively occupied for a great away-day, or you may want a taster session on your own or an adventure party with family and friends. Are you ready to rise to the challenge...?

This exciting facility will provide an exhilarating adrenalin rush with climbing walls, zip wires and everything you can imagine helping monkeys of all ages swing from the trees!

Please note that this is a chargeable activity. For details of prices please click here.

Suitable for ages 8 +