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Walking Trails

Walking trails

Walking trails

Follow the heritage or nature trail and discover some of the park’s hidden treasures.

Image of the south telford heritage trail post

Heritage trails

Download the Heritage trails leaflet.

Follow the heritage trails and see some of the parks's vast historical treasures such as...

Stirchley Forge and Rolling Mills

The Hinkshay Works, Stirchley Forge and Rolling Mills are all Archaeological remains of buildings that can be found in the park today. They were all sold off to the Haybridge Iron Co. In 1873. The works were rebuilt in 1876 and a nail factory was established on the site in 1874/5 until 1885. The forge and rolling mill continued in use until it closure in approximately 1900.

Stirchley Chimney and Furnaces

The Iron Works were established in 1790 by Thomas Botfield, originally with two blast furnaces, a forge and a mill. The Chimney was constructed of Randlay brick and is approximately 209 feet high and is still standing. This is a permanent reminder of the industry that used to occupy the Town Park. There is a small opening on the western side of the Chimney and it was connected to the furnaces by a tunnel. The ironworks were blown out in 1885, however the forge and rolling mill continued in use until its closure in 1900.

Shropshire Canal

The Silkin Way, running north to south through the centre of the park, was formerly the Shropshire Canal and the Wellington and Coalport railway. In 1788/9 the Coalport branch of the Shropshire Canal was built along the western edge of Stirchley, through the centre of the Park. It was designed to link the key industrial centres of the area with the River Severn.

Stirchley Station and Goods Shed

By 17 June 1861 the Coalport Branch Railway (later renamed the L.M.S.R, and again the L.N.W.R.) had replaced the Shropshire Canal and two stations were established within what we know as Telford Town Park. One was the Stirchley Station, located to the south of the Park at the point where the Stirchley to Great Dawley road crossed the line. Remnants of the station platform and goods shed can be seen today.

Telford’s Veteran Trail

A trail to celebrate Veterans young and old. Visit the Telford’s Veteran Trail website.

Image of the Telford Town Park Nature trail

Nature trails

Download the nature trails leaflet.

From broadleaved woodland and veteran trees, grasslands to orchids, heath land to aquatic vegetation, the Town Park has everything to enthral both the budding and professional botanists of any age.

From great crested newts to native amphibians, bats and reptiles, butterflies, dragon flies, green woodpecker, badgers and fox, the Town Park has everything to offer both budding and professional naturalists of any age.

Follow the Nature Trail through the 170 hectare park and take you to the key areas of interests such as...

Withy Pool

With white water lilies and flag Iris floating on the surface. The pool is well stocked with catfish, pike and roach. Various frog and toad species are also common here. Some of the trees which that surround the pool are specimens of crack willow and dog rose.


Within our pockets of heathland is one of the only places in the country that you will find bilberry and cowberry side by side. This creates a unique habitat attracting skylarks, greenfinches and with the possibility of gold finches making an appearance.

Hinkshay Pool

Where there is a wide variety of fish stocked including eels. The surrounding woodland provides the perfect habitat for grass snakes, with the tall trees offering enough shelter to entice bats into the area, these are also great places for a possible heronry.

Fletchers Pool

Is well stocked with carp and other pond wildlife. This woodland around it makes it ideal conditions to spot a Green Woodpecker.

Grange Pool

In the summer months the carp found in this pool will tend to come to feed on the surface providing a great viewing. It also makes it a great spot to look out for a kingfisher and great crested Grebe's. This area is also a tranquil place to see dragonflies and damselflies.

Bench to Bench Story Adventure

Interactive trails

Bench to Bench Story Adventure

You can follow Tommy and Tilly's Bench Adventure here or by scanning the QR code on each of the benches as you reach them. We hope you enjoy the story.

Download the Bench to Bench Story Adventure.

Story one

Tommy and Tilly Telford loved to have fun.
Like you, they loved to explore, imagine and run!
The Town Library was a great place to start
For lots of adventures in Telford Town Park.
And so the pair skipped and hopped along
Humming a happy exploring song
Hmmmmmmmmm! Hmmmmm!

Can you hum? There’s lots of sounds to make in this story and we‘d love you to join in and make them too, as you come along with us and investigate!

Download the story

Story two

They came to a bench by the big band stand
And imagined the instruments shiny and grand
The trumpets and whistles toot y  tum tum
And the thumpet y thump of the big bass drum!

Do you know any musical instruments? Can you pretend to play them? And maybe march around the bandstand!

And so the pair skipped and hopped along
Root y toot tooting a loud exploring song!
Root y toot toot! Root y toot toot!

Download the story

Story three

They came to a bench and picked up a stick
Tommy tapped it 3 times – not too fast or too quick!
Tilly knew a magic word to say
And the stick became a wand today!

What magic spell could you cast? Do you know some magical words? Abracadabra? Hocus pocus? Bibbety bobbety boo?

And so the pair skipped and hopped along
La la laaaaing an adventurous song!

Download the story

Story four

They came to a bench and looked for something green
Sure, everywhere there were leaves and grasses to be seen
They pretended they were jewels and carried some carefully in their hands
They presented them to the King, as he sat on his throne so grand!

What might you say to a King as you present your jewels? How might he reward you for bringing something so precious?

And so the pair skipped and hopped along
Tum tee tumming an excellent song!
Tum tee tum tee tumm tee! Tum tee tum tee tum teee!

Download the story

Story five

They came to a bench and saw a shape that was round
Arching above and towering over the ground.
Here was a magnificent, palatial gate
Through which the royal cook would parade with an invisible plate.

What food would you serve that was fit for a king or queen? Careful not to spill any!!!!

And so Tommy and Tilly skipped and hopped along
Doo be doo be dooing a cheerful song!
Do be doo be dooo doo doo! Do be doo be dooo doo doo!

Download the story

Story six

They came to a bench and looked up high
Tilly spread her arms out as wide as the sky!
‘Abracadabra!’ said Tommy as he sat down
‘Whoosh!’, the bench began to fly all over Telford Town!

Where would your magical flying park bench take you today? Can you pretend to wave to all the people below in the Town Park as you fly up up and away!

And so Tilly and Tommy skipped and hopped along
Sha laa laaig an intrepid song!
Sha la la laaaaa! Sha la la laaaaa!

Download the story

Story seven

They came to a bench and looked down at the floor
Seeking out something which was tiny and small.
Tilly found a stone and pretended to plant a little bean
And it sprang up into a beanstalk, the tallest you’ ve ever seen!

Can you pretend to climb up to the top of a pretend beanstalk?

What do you discover at the top?

Dare you go and explore?

And so the pair skipped and hopped along
Bee bop doo whaping a busy song!
Bee bop doo whap! Bee bop doo whap!

Download the story

Story eight

They came to a bench and sat quietly – hush
They heard the sounds all around them and the leaves go shiver and shusssshhhh.
They closed their eyes, and in their imagination could see
They were on board a pirate ship, sailing over the sea.

Where could you go on your ship? Is there a treasure island ahead? Can you sail there and find the treasure?

And so Tommy and Tilly skipped and hopped along
Fol de rolling a tuneful song!
Foll de roll, foll de roll, folla de rolla de roll!

Download the story

Story nine

Tilly sat on a bench and gave her fingers a wriggle
Tommy joined in and began to chuckle and giggle
He counted the fingers; 1,2,3,4 and 5
And their fingers were people, who were chattering and alive!

Can you find people in your fingers? What is the name of the tallest finger? And the smallest? Can they have a chat?

And so Tilly and Tommy skipped and hopped along
Diddle dee deeing a swaggering song!
Diddle de dee! Diddle de dee!

Download the story.

Story ten

They came to a bench and Tilly sadly sat down
Her face was worried and she had a little frown
‘I’m sad that the stories are all finished for today’
She was heard forlornly to say.
‘No!’ cried Tommy! ‘When there are paths, and colours, and shapes to explore,
There is one thing of which you can be sure
In Telford Town Park there are stories galore!
You just make a start at the library
And then walk and listen and notice what you see!
Three cheers for the stories yippee, yippee, yippee!’

Download the story